2017 RTCA Executive Committee Election Results

2017 RTCA Executive Committee Election Results



Thank you to all the candidates who ran for election to serve on the Executive Committee of Correspondents of the Congressional Radio-Television Galleries.

The top three vote-getters are elected to serve a two-year term. 

The person receiving the greatest number of votes will serve as Chair of the Executive Committee in 2019.


1.       Paul Orgel, C-SPAN                                                         178

2.       Kristin Wilson, CNN                                                         130

3.       Alex Moe, NBC                                                                    94


4.       Paul Courson, Sinclair Broadcasting                               80

5.       Noreen Nasir, The Associated Press                               55


RTCA response regarding RT Network

RTCA response regarding RT Network

The Executive Committee of the Congressional Radio-TV Correspondents’ Galleries has received many inquiries regarding our decision to revoke RT’s accreditation following their recent filing as a “foreign agent” with the U.S. Justice Department. 

In a widely reported response to our decision, RT has questioned the accreditation status of NHK, Japan’s largest publicly-funded broadcast outlet and a longtime Gallery member, asserting they, too, have registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  This is not accurate.  The company in question, NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc., is a separate entity that has never been issued credentials by the Congressional Radio-TV Correspondents’ Galleries.

On Monday, December 4, the Executive Committee met with NHK’s Washington Bureau Chief at his request, who affirmed NHK has not registered as a foreign agent under FARA.

Consequently, the Executive Committee of Correspondents stands by NHK’s current accreditation status and has concluded its review.  As always, the Committee will continue to aggressively verify our members’ continued compliance with Gallery membership rules.

RTCA Executive Committee votes to revoke RT credentials

RTCA Executive Committee votes to revoke RT credentials

The Executive Committee of the Congressional Radio & Television Correspondents’ Galleries exercised its authority, as granted by the rules of the House and the Senate, to withdraw the news credentials of the RT Network by unanimous vote on November 21, 2017.

RT Network was notified of the decision on November 29, 2017. 


Executive Committee Election Notice

Executive Committee Election Notice

Petitions nominating members to stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Radio-Television Correspondents Galleries are now being accepted.  There are three vacancies to be filled. 

Any active member (as opposed to non-voting or temporary member) may be nominated by a petition signed by twelve active members.  Petitions must be submitted to any member of the Senate Radio-TV Gallery staff by 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

The annual election will be held on Wednesday, December 13 and on Thursday, December 14.  The annual meeting will be held on Friday, December 15 at 12:00pm in the Senate Radio-TV Gallery.                                   

Please click here for further instructions.

Expansion of RTCA voting rights

The Executive Committee of the Radio-Television Correspondents’ Galleries voted unanimously to expand its election voting rights to include credentialed members whose main responsibilities are technical in nature.  Providing full membership status to this group properly acknowledges their broadcast expertise in covering Capitol Hill and will give your Gallery enhanced perspective to improve and protect our reporting access.

We welcome their participation in voting and also running in future RTCA board elections beginning next month on December 13th & 14th.  

If you have any questions about your voting eligibility, please contact the Senate Radio-TV Gallery at 202-224-6421.